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How well do you know the Aborigines?

Q1The worldview of the Australian Aborigines centered on ‘The Dreaming’ or ‘Dreamtime’. What is it?
Q2What is the popular name for ‘Inuits’?
Q3During which period did the Amerindians move from Asia to North America?
Q4Macro-Chibchan, Andean-Equatorial (including Tupian), Ge-Pano-Carib, and Hokan are languages spoken by the natives of which continent?
Q5The_________ herded llamas and alpacas. Name the extinct South American natives.
Q6Which among the following are referred to as ‘new tribes’?
Q7The Australian aborigines did not believe in domesticating animals other than the__________Name the creature.
Q8How did the natives of Africa view religion?
Q9The Tipai (Diegueño) living in the mountains near the American border and the Seriliving along the desert coast of north central Sonora speak a similar language. To which linguistic stock does it belong?
Q10Which minority group of Hausa natives remained pagans?