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Culture of Portugal

Portugal culture is a blend of the Christian and Muslim religious impacts on the history of the country. The cave paintings at Escoral, Roman townships of Conimbriga, temples of Diana in Évora are great examples of the rich culture of Portugal.
The Portugal literature has gone through rapid developments in the 12th century. The works of Paio Soares de Taveirós are an asset for the country.

The culture of Portugal has always been influenced by the Italian, French and the Flemish. Fandango, Two Steps Waltz, Corridinho and Malhão are some of the great folk dances of the country. Ninety five of the population of the country speaks Portuguese. The family is the integral part of the Portugal culture. Family is given more preference than the society or business. The Portuguese have a traditional and conservative mentality.

The people of Portugal love to dress fashionably. Appearance is a great factor for them. They try to wear the best apparels to build a good impression in the society. The Portugal people always show respect to their government. Officials of high rank are always respected. It is a custom to take flowers and gifts to attend invitations. Red flowers are not accepted in Portugal as it is assign of rebellion.

Portugal culture has become sophisticated and has absorbed influences from many other cultures.

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