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Google Map of Vendas Novas

Vendas Novas is one of the most vibrant municipality areas in the territory of Portugal. It sprawls over an area of 223 square kilometer.
Vendas Novas comes under the domain of the district of Évora. This colorful city used to serve as the seat of Artillery school of Portuguese Republic. Over the passage of time Vendas Novas has emerged as a popular tourist destination in Portugal.

Attractions in Vendas Novas
The entire region of Vendas Novas is split into two different communes. The inland city of Vendas Novas is blessed with endless natural treasure. Its picturesque backdrop attracts a great deal of attention from the nature lovers. Tourists holidaying in Vendas Novas cannot afford to miss the attractions in and around the city. The local tour agencies make arrangements for sightseeing trips in and around the city. Cities like Evora, Palmela, Montijo that lie close to Vendas Novas boast some of the most widely visited attractions in Portugal.

Accommodation in Vendas Novas
The hotels in Vendas Novas assure a truly majestic experience to all guests residing there. The lodging options in Vendas Novas are designed to suit the requirements of both business and leisure travelers. Hotel Casa Zanzibar and Albergaria Acez are the two most coveted accommodation establishments in and around the city of Vendas Novas.

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