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Google Map of Valenca

Valenca is an old and fortified city of Portugal, which is situated at the left bank of the River Minho. Valenca is the chief shopping destination for the Spaniards.
Attractions of Valenca
Valença is surrounded by the ramparts and ruins of massive walls. Fortaleza is a 17th Century fort built in the Vauban style. Mount Faro, Brejoeira Palace, Vila Nova de Cerveira, Sanfins, Tuy and Vilar de Mouros are other sites of attractions.

Caminha Beach is a site, which draws maximum number of tourists. The Monte do Faro is a town in Valenca , which is situated on the left bank of the Minho and offers magnificent views of Minho valley. Some of the famous buildings of Valenca are the Igreja Matriz, Capela de Sao Sebastiao, Igreja de Santa Maria dos Anjos and so on.

Accommodations at Valenca
Valenca boasts of a number of boarding options that provide excellent accommodation facilities coupled with world class amenities. Pousada de Valença is a nice accommodation option for a comfortable stay in Valenca.

Best Season to Visit Valenca
The weather of Valenca is dry and hot. Tourists can explore the place of interest all through the year but the best season to visit Valenca is the months of spring or fall.

Valença is an ancient and strongly fortified city of Portugal.

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