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Google Map of Tavira

Tavira is located on the Portuguese coast towards the southern part of the country. The town of Tavira was reconstructed as it was severely damaged by the earthquake that hit the country in 1755. The town now boasts of numerous beautiful buildings belonging to the eighteenth centuries. Tavira in Portugal also has a military camp.

Attractions in Tavira:
The beaches in and around Tavira have allured many travelers. Some of the well known beeches would includes names like Conceicao, Ilha da Tavira, Barril and Cabanas.

The buildings and the sixteenth century church at Luz de Tavira are among the popular tourist interests of Tavira. The porch of the church has a distinctive Renaissance touch. Nossa Senhora da Luz statute is an imposing structure within the church. Closely situated is the Nossa Senhora do Lovramento Chapel. The picturesque Conceicao de Tavira is inhabited by fishermen and cultivators. The main church is an architectural marvel portraying the Renaissance period design. Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo and its Renaissance type church is yet another attraction housed by the town.

Markets in Tavira are very vibrant and offer great shopping experience. They offer a wide variety of wares. The hallmark feature of these markets is that they are always bubbling with life and activities.

The golf courses of Tavira are also riding high on the waves of popularity. Quinta Da Ria, Benmor, Quinta De Cima and Colina Verde are the well known ones.

Accommodation in Tavira:
Some of the accommodation options avilable in Tavira include Colina Verde Aparthotel Maragota, Pousada Tavira and Quinta Velha Village.

The history of Tavira can be traced back to two thousand BC and has earned a reputation for its natural beauty.

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