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Google Map of Sines

Sines Portugal is town in Portugal that is particularly famous as the birth place of the world renowned seafarer, Vasco da Gama. The location of Sine county and its municipality capital, the Sine town can be found on the south western coast of Portugal.

Attractions in Sines:
The monuments found in Sines are mainly related to Vasco da Gama. These include among others the Statue of the sailor Vasco da Gama and The Castle built in the beginning of the fifteenth century. Vasco da Gama's child hood was spent in this castle that is strategically located in the town. The Nossa Senhora das Salas and The Mother Church of Sao Salvador are two other important monuments found in Sines.

Sine is home to some of the most exquisite beaches of Portugal. The Vasco da Gama Beach has a historical backdrop to it. The Porto Covo beaches with their azure blue waters and fine sands are simply enchanting. Other beaches include Beach of Pessegueiro, Beach of Salto and sao Torpes Beach.

Sines has a rich cultural mooring, reflected in the numerous cultural events that unfold in the town. The largest festival of world music in Portugal is hosted in Sines. Centro de Artes Sines seeks to promote art in Sines. The Archaeological Museum in Sines is a must visit. It is imperative to mention that the city of Sine has a history of hosting the oldest and the most vibrant Carnivals of the country. Besides the town also celebrates some festivals of religious nature.

The village of Porto Covo is where the Portuguese architecture comes alive. An instance is the Square Marquea de Pombal.

The distinctive culinary traditions of Sines, characterized by the use of fresh ingredients and fish are one of the greatest attractions of Sines.

Accommodation in Sines:
There are numerous restaurants and hotels in Sines. Sinerama Apartamento Hotei is a well known one among them.

Sines has journeyed a long way, beginning as a modest fishing town and gradually emerging as one of the major ports of Portugal.

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