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Google Map of Setubal

Setubal City is a city of industry on the mouth of Rio Sado where it meets the sea. It is situated on the ancient site of a Roman town which was destroyed by a tidal wave.
The city was the royal residence in the 15th century and also the birthplace of the satirical poet and writer Manuel Maria de Barbosa du Bocage. In 1755 the city experienced a devastating earthquake which destroyed most of the city's attractions, specially in the old parts.

Location of Setúbal City
Setubal is situated in the Peninsula of Setubal, in Lisboa, Portugal at the co-ordinates 38°31'N 8°54'W .

Reaching Setúbal City
Reaching Setubal is quite easy by plane, train and boat from various places, both national and international as the international airport of Lisbon is very near.

Sightseeing in Setúbal City
Setubal has many cultural and natural attractions, but even part from those the city itself is beautiful enough to mesmerize. However the primary attractions are:
  • Arrábida natural park offering beautiful beaches and unspoilt nature.
  • São Julião Church in central Setúbal
  • Monastery of Jesus
  • St. Felipe's 16th-century fortress

Accommodations at Setúbal City
The city offers a range of accommodation and services to the discerning traveler who is treated as esteemed guest of Setubal city. Both star accommodation and basic bed and breakfast are available for the weary tourists.

A land of beautiful contrasts, Portugal offers industrial regions, like Setubal, gift wrapped in green vegetation tied with the blue ribbon of the river Sado. Setubal is a region where history and religion have walked hand in hand with politics and thus have created a most attractive backdrop for a continuously evolving society. The Celtic and Roman influences are strong in its cities and have given rise to many of its beautiful attractions. Although the Spanish influence can'tbe neglected yet yet it is mainly the Franciscan who have molded the regional character the most.

Sightseeing in Setubal

The most important sights of the region are the Reserva Natural do Estuário do Sado, Sea and Marine Biology Centre, Azeitão with its wineries, The castle and the Convento de Santo António,Igreja do Convento de Sant'Iago. Apart from of course the following attractions:
  • St. Felipe's 16th-century fortress
  • Arrábida natural park offering beautiful beaches and unspoilt nature.
  • Monastery of Jesus
  • São Julião Church in central Setúbal

Accommodations at Setubal
Along with the state run luxury Pousadas there are a large number of options in accommodationsfor both budget and luxury travelers. Both bed and breakfasts and star hotels all exist by the galore and most can easily be booked through the Internet prior to leaving for the holiday.

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