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Google Map of Seixal

Seixal (Setubal) is a small town in the district of Setubal on the river Tagus which forms a lagoon called Rio Judeu near the city. Since long back in history the town has been the favorite retreat of the Portugese aristocracy from Lisbon.
The town is steeped in history and is a pleasure to experience for the history buff.

Location of Seixal (Setubal)
Seixal is located in the district of Setubal in the country of Portugal and its co-ordinates are 38º39'N 9º06'W.

Sightseeing in Seixal (Setubal)
Seixal offers a lot to see for its small size, the beauty of the nearby lagoon and the excellent specimens of historical structures are a hot draw for the tourists who find this combination of history and natural beauty irresistible.

Accommodations at Seixal (Setubal)
Accommodations at the town are small in number but the facilities provided are excellent and comparable to the best in any other town of its size.

Seixal (Porto Moniz)
Seixal (Porto Moniz) is a parish town in the district of Porto Moniz on the Madeira Islands. In fact it is the largest parish in the district and an entirely agriculturist society. At an altitude of 1,545 ft it is blessed with a charming climate year round.

Location of Seixal (Porto Moniz)
The co-ordinates of the city are 32°49'N and 17°7'W and it is sited at Madeira Islands, Portugal in the district of Porto Moniz.

Sightseeing in Seixal (Porto Moniz)
Seixal (Porto Moniz) offers a range of experiences to visitors. Whether it is the excitement of history or the relaxed atmosphere of festivals and lively atmosphere of a carnival the city has it all. Nearby places like Ribeira Brava also offer castles, churches and the sea front just like the town of Seixal (Porto Moniz).

Accommodations at Seixal (Porto Moniz)
All sorts of hotels and budget accommodations are offered by the town of Seixal (Porto Moniz). Star and non star accommodation is available for the choice of the travelers.

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