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Google Map of Santoandre

Santo Andre is a Portuguese city, quite small in size. Santo Andre in Portugal is located on the western coast of the country, in close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. Santo Andre falls under the Santiago do Cacem municipality.

Attractions in Santo Andre:
Santo Andre has grown as a popular tourist destination, because of its magnificent beaches and the much famed Santo Andre Lagoon. The beaches in Santo Andre are known for their long stretches that extend over several miles. The beauty of the Santo Andre beaches is perhaps enhanced by its fine textured sand, conspicuously white. These beaches are ideal for long walks, amidst tranquil nature.

The Santo Andre Lagoon makes for a perfect holiday. The sights and scenes at Santo Andre is simply breathtaking. The lagoon is made of sand dunes of various shapes and sizes that cover a continuous wide stretch. Forests of pine tress further add a touch of beauty to the lagoon.

The Santo Andre Lagoon rides high on the waves of popularity because it provides conducive conditions for water sports, particularly wind surfing. Water sport enthusiasts throng in hordes to indulge in the excitement of wind surfing. It is said that Santo Andre makes for the best wind surfing preconditions.

Santo Andre Lagoon is also reputed for its fishes, found in plenty. The eateries at Santo Andre, serve some excellent fishes dishes. Visitors should definitely enjoy the Eel stew served in this place. At Santo Andre Lagoon, large number of water birds can be seen.

Accommodation in Santo Andre:
Accommodation choices in Santo Andre include villas, vacations homes, bed and breakfast and hotels.

Santo Andre Lagoon is located close to Lisbon. It takes not even an hour to reach Santo Andre from Lisbon.

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