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Google Map of Santa Maria Da Feira

Santa Maria da Feira is municipality in Portugal, which is located near the A1 motorway, between Oporto and Aveiro. Located in the District of Aveiro, Santa Maria da Feira consisted of 31 parishes.

Attractions of Santa Maria da Feira
Santa Maria da Feira's castle situated near pagan sanctuary proudly displays its four towers and domes, which are the evidence of the architectural brilliance of the city. Convent of Loios is located near the castle of Santa Maria da Feira and boasts of magnificently built symmetrical bell towers. The town of Arouca, features a prominent convent, which was built in 1091. Baroque church and museums are other sites of attraction. Ovar flaunts a beautiful beach and ethnological museum. Apart from sightseeing places Santa Maria da Feira also hosts large traditional fairs and markets.

Accommodation Facilities at Santa Maria da Feira
The accommodation options of Santa Maria da Feira are available near the tourists destination and offers unparalleled services and amenities. Some of the best accommodation options of the city are Ibis Porto Sul Europarque, hotel Pousada dos Loios, Solar Monfalim, Convento do Espinheiro Heritage hotel, Sana Sesimbra hotel and so on.

Best Season to Visit Santa Maria da Feira

Santa Maria da Feira offers a mild and temperate climate. Hence tourists can visit the place at any time of the year but the best months are between June and September.

Santa Maria da Feira is a historical city of castle and monuments.

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