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Google Map of Santa Cruz Madeira

Santa Cruz Madeira, one of the many jewels in the treasure chest that goes by the name of Portugal, is primarily an agriculturist society. Santa Cruz Madeira has an area of 81.52 which is split in the middle by a stream.
Santa Cruz has banks, a few entertainment options, some educational institutions, a few halls and auditoriums, a gymnasium, a post office, squares or plazas (praças), a small port and beaches. The five parishes of Santa Cruz area are Santa Cruz, Gaula, Caniço, Santo António da Serra and Camacha.

Location of Santa Cruz Madeira
The co-ordinates being 32°41'N and 16°48'W, Santa Cruz Madeira is located between Funchal, Santana and Machico.

Reaching Santa Cruz Madeira
Santa Cruz Madeira is well connected by road to its surrounding areas of Funchal, Machico and Santana. The international airport at Funchal also services the city.

Sightseeing in Santa Cruz Madeira
Santa Cruz is a place where nature has exposed all her lush beauty in magnificent proportion. The surrounding greenery and the turquoise blue of the waters produces a watercolor effect on the landscape inspiring both poetry and visual arts.

Accommodations at Santa Cruz Madeira
The town affords accommodation suitable for all kinds of travelers but the number of rooms available might not match up to the number of visitors. So it is wise to make prior bookings of both the luxury hotels and the bed and breakfast establishments.

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