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Google Map of Ribeira Grande

Ribeira Grande is situated in the Sao Miguel Island within the Azores Region in Portugal. It is one of the municipalities of Portugal.
Ribeira Grande is a very colorful city with beautiful parks, gardens and the remarkable huge river known as Lagoa do Fogo. The picturesque Ribeira Grande City is a very popular tourist destination in the island of Sao Miguel. There are several historical monuments located throughout the country.

History of Ribeira Grande

The small settlement on the bank of the river Lagoa do Fogo was recognized as a town in the year 1507 by King Manuel. The town flourished by weaving linens during the 18th and 19th century. During 1716 when the French workers were introduced, the wool industry of Ribeira Grande reached the height of success. The town gradually received its position as a city in 1981.

Places to visit in Ribeira Grande

There are several fascinating natural places and historical monuments located throughout the city that are considered as some of the top tourist destinations in the island. Some of the most popular tourist attractions of Ribeira Grande are:
  • Ribeira Grande Waterfall
  • Church and Monastery of Sao Francisco
  • Church of Nossa Senhora de Estrela
  • Church of Nossa Senhora de Conceicao
  • Church of Espirito Santo
  • City Hall and the Ethnographic Museum
Lagoa do Fogo Lake along with the fine vegetation on the beautiful mountain range was recognized as a Natural Reserve in year 1974.

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