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Google Map of Portimao City

Portimao is a Portuguese city that is situated in the Algarve region of the country. The city of Portimao, Portugal and the adjoining municipality area are known for the myriad interesting sites found all over.
On one hand there is the bountiful nature adorning the city and on the other sites steeped in the rich history of the country.

Attractions in Portimao:
The exquisitely beautiful beeches of Portimao have captured the hearts of many a travelers. The fame of Praia da Rocha has spread far and wide and has hence emerged as an ideal holiday destination. Other well known beeches include Praia de Alvor, Joao de Arens and Vau. Most of the beeches have water sport facilities.

There are several sites of historical interest in Portimao. They include Jesuit College, the Sao Jose chapel, Nossa Senhora da Conceição Church, Monastery of Sao Francisco. There are two well known museums in the region. Portimao locality also has some other attractions. These are Mexilhoeira Grande, The Arade Estuary, Abicada, Ria de Alvor and Alcalar.

Portimao is famous for some world class golf courses. Alto Golf, Penina Golf Course, Morgado do Reguengo and the Plalmers are some of the reputed ones.

Portimao is known among the visitors for a very colorful and happening night life. Pubs, bars and discos abound in the city that set the mood for a rocking night.

Accommodation in Portimao:
There are numerous boarding options available in Portimao. Some of the choices at the disposal of the visitors include Clube de Bemposta, Hotel Meridien Penina, Hotel Oriental, Jardim do Vau Resort, Concord Apartment and Hotel Algrave Casino.

Portimao is also popular for the mouthwatering gastronomic treats it offers to the visitors in the form of authentic Portimao delicacies.

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