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Google Map of Penafiel

Penafiel is a town located in the Porto district in north Portugal. It is a small town in the district. Until the later half of the 18th century Penafiel town was known by the name Arrifana de Sousa.
Inspite of being small in size, some fascinating historical monuments including chateaus, castles and palaces are situated here.

Location of Penafiel
The Penafiel city is situated at 41?12’ N latitudes and 8?17’ W longitudes on the hill. The beautiful valleys of Rio Tamega and Rio Sousa are located on each side of the town respectively. The city of Oporto is located 35km west of Penafiel.

Places to Visit in Penafiel
Some of the major tourist destinations in Penafiel are:

  • The small and narrow Castle of Penafiel is one of the main tourist attractions of the town. The Penafiel Castle was established by Don Juan Manuel during the 14th century. Penafiel is Spanish means loyal rock and the town was named after the castle, which sheltered several soldiers and protected them against a fierce battle.
  • Misericordia is a church located in Penafiel. The 16th century church was built in a typical Renaissance style. A Franciscan convent was the origin of this church. The beautiful architecture of the church is appreciated by all the tourists visiting the town.
The Penafiel city consists of 38 individual parishes like Abragao, Bustelo, Canelas, Eja, Irivo and all.

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