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Google Map of Pacos De Ferreira

Pacos de Ferreira is a town of elegant beauty, which has been lauded for the balance of Nature's will and Man's need found in it. The city with an area 72.7 is part of a conglomeration of 16 parishes. The population of the town is about 46000.

Location of Pacos de Ferreira
Pacos de Ferreira is located amidst the district of Porto in the conventional province of Douro Litoral about 15 kms to the east of Santo Tirso. The co-ordinates of the city are 41016'N and 8024'W

Reaching Pacos de Ferreira
Pacos de Ferreira can be easily accessed by the airport of Francisco Sá Carneiro, which is connected to the city with many motorways.

Sightseeing at Pacos de Ferreira
Pacos de Ferreira is sometimes known as the capital of furniture due to the many furniture manufacturing units in and around the city. But the luxuriant natural beauty of the area is the real draw for visitors choosing to visit the city. Despite being a modern city it has not given up on living a simple life amidst the gracefulness of Nature. Hence right after the rains in spring and summer the the verdant greenery and sweet meadowy odor around the city with the harmony of bird songs at dusk and dawn make a weary traveler relax and enjoy in the lap of Nature.

Accommodations in Pacos de Ferreira
By virtue of being a small town in northern Portugal, Paços de Ferreira, does not offer a large number of accommodations facilities. However hotels and bed and breakfast to suit all tastes and budgetary requirements can be found.

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