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Google Map of Odivelas

Odivelas is a fabulous beach resort destination in Portuguese Republic. It is placed within the district of Lisbon. The location of Odivelas is pretty convenient and easy to get to. The city of Lisbon is just 5.8 miles away from Odivelas.
All major Portuguese cities like Vigo, Oporto are well connected with Odivelas by local transport. With a population of 55200, Odivelas is one of the most vibrant cities in the territory of Portugal. The scenic beauty of Odivelas attracts a great deal of attention from the nature lovers across the world.

Attractions in Odivelas
The main attraction of Odivelas lies in its picturesque landscape. The silky soft beaches are ideal to relax with family or friends. The coastal area offers a number amusement options like boat riding, sea fishing, surfing and many more. Getting around the city of Odivelas is a great experience in itself. The soothing weather conditions of Odivelas attract huge crowd through out year.

Tourists holidaying in Odivelas cannot afford to miss the shopping destinations near its urban center. The street side shops come with a huge collection of local handicrafts. Leather products, metal works, porcelain and ceramic items and glassworks of Odivelas are worth collecting. Shopaholics cannot stop form buying the copper items and hand-woven fabrics of Odivelas.

Albergaria O Gato Hotel is the one of the most preferred hotels in Odivelas.

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