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Google Map of Montijo

Montijo is one of the municipalities of Portugal. Montijo city is quite a popular tourist destination of Portugal that is visited by the Portuguese and the foreigners alike. Besides a host of attractions that can be found in the place, Montijo in Portuga, is also well known for hosting the legendary bull fights of Portugal.

Attractions in Montijo:
  • The municipal park in the city of Montijo receives large number of visitors. There is also the Mother Church in the Montijo city that is an important site of interest.
  • Apart from the city, Montijo county also has heaps to see and explore. The villages of Montijo are a must see. They are adorned by the typical Portuguese churches, the band stands and characteristic squares.

  • Forests of eucalyptus and pine tress occupy the eastern edge of the Montijo municipality. In this area extensive plots of land cultivated with vegetables, orchards and vine plants can be witnessed.
  • The eastern part of Montijo is also home to traditional Portuguese villages like Pegoes.
  • A well known religious place in the town of Montijo is Our Lady of Atalaia Church.
  • Montijo also offers authentic Portuguese cuisines. The culinary specialties of the place can be indulged in at the restaurants that are found all around the place. Torresmos and caldeirada a pescador are two recommended dishes for the tourists.

Accommodation in Montijo:
Various types of lodging can be found in Montijo. Tryp Montijo Prague Hotel is a good boarding option. Other choices include bed and breakfast, resorts and inns.

Montijo municipality comprises of several parishes

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