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Google Map of Mealhada

Mealhada is just not only leitao da Bairrada or its natural beauty but much, much more. It is a thriving trade centre and tourist spot. Even its gastronomical exploits are not limited to the famous pork dish but includes classics like kid stew in wine, which is called almost lyrically chanfana.
This is also a canonic wine making place especially the sparkling white wines and the fruity reds. Mealhada is also a link city between the spas of Luso and Cuira and thus is a place of transit.

Location of Mealhada
The city of Mealhada is located at 40º23'N 8º27'W and is sited in the district of Aveiro, in the western part of the country.

Sightseeing in Mealhada
Mealhada provides a great deal of intriguing sights such as:
  • National Forest of Bussaco, created by the Carmelite monks by transplanting and caring for rare and exotic plants.
  • The thermal spas of Luso and Cuira, which have developed from the small villages into swank spa resorts.
  • The religious and historical sites of the Via Sacra provide many interesting archaeological points.
  • Fonte Fria is an astonishing stone waterfall fed by the forest's streams.

Accommodations at Mealhada
Mealhada provides many elegant hotels, which can provide rest to both budget travelers and luxury seekers.

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