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Google Map of Matosinhos

Matosinhos is a Portuguese town that lies in the time zone of Western Europe. Matosinhos is popular for its massive port. Matosinhos in Portugal occupies the northern part of Oporto, located along the bank of Leca River.

Attractions in Matosinhos:
Matosinhos is famous for the a statute of Christ that is carved out of wood. This statue of Christ is housed by the Born Jesus Church. This church dates back to the eighteenth century. The facade of the church has been built following the Baroque style. The ceiling of the church has panels that portray scenes contained in the Passion. There are several legends associated with the Christ statue.

There are some interesting places that are located close to Matosinhos. One among them is the Chesse Castle. This castle was built during the seventeenth century. This castle, a fortified post was constructed in the honor of Goncalves Zarco, who supposedly had hailed from Matosinhos. Another site is the Sao Joao Castle dating back to the 16th century. This castle is located at Foz.

Matosinhos has earned a reputation for the exquisite culinary delights it offers to the tourists. As the place provides for good quality fish, the restaurants in Matosinhos serve excellent sea food. .

Accommodation in Matosinhos:
Tryp Porto Expo Hotel and Porto Mar Hotel are two hotel options available in Matosinhos. Guest houses are also available.

Matosinhos is located in the Porto district of Portugal.

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