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Google Map of Marco De Canaveses

Marco de Canaveses is a city of riverine culture. Situated amidst completely rural setting these rivers allow for pursuance of all sorts of water sports plus the neighboring hills allow for sports like hang gliding and balloon trips.
This is also the place to enjoy the remarkable delicacies of Portuguese cuisine. Culture and natural beauty go hand in hand over here, Man's needs are balanced by Nature's will. Marco de Canaveses is slowly developing its infrastructure to ensure the sustain its vibrant tourism. Road and transport, hotels and entertainment, tourist bureaus and the tourist spots all are being spruced up to face the burgeoning number of travelers.

Location of Marco de Canaveses
Marco de Canaveses is located between the two mighty rivers Duoro and Tamega rivers at 41°11'N, 8°09'W in the district of Porto in the famous Norte region.

Sightseeing in Marco de Canaveses
Marco de Canaveses offers many interesting sites from prehistoric cromlechs to rock inscriptions, riverine activities, and other extreme sports. Being located in the most fertile area of the Northern region it also offers the sparkling green wine or vinho verde.

Accommodations at Marco de Canaveses
Accommodations at this beautiful city offer a full range. Regardless of the budget and luxury level needed by a traveler, the city offers the best possible quality.

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