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Google Map of Machico

Machico is the second largest town of Madeira Island in Portugal. It is the most ancient town in the island.
Machico is a beach town located on the south-eastern coast of the island. The city of Machico is not only popular as an active fishing port but is also considered to be one of the major tourist destinations in the island.

Location of Machico
Machico is located at the further most south-eastern corner of the island. Funchal, the largest city in Madeira is located on the south-west side of the city.

History of Machico
The land was first explored in 1419 and is considered as the part of the Madeira Island where humans first set their foot. At the beginning Machico was the only safe harbor in the island where the navigators could dock their boats. The sea water of Machico since 1981 has been acknowledged as a marine mammal sanctuary.

Places to visit in Machico