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Google Map of Macedo De Cavaleiros

Macedo de Cavaleiros, is situated in a rural area with most of the population occupied in agriculture and related fields. Infrastructural improvement in recent years has stemmed the outflow of human resources from the small town to the larger cities and helped the growth of a thriving tourism industry.
The main produce of this land is agricultural, dominated by corn, wheat, potatoes, rye, chestnuts, olive oil, and Port wine producing grapes. The people of this city are known for their excellent hospitality.

Location of Macedo de Cavaleiros
Macedo de Cavaleiros is located at 41º32'N 6º57'W co-ordinates, in the Norte regions district of Braganca.

Sightseeing in Macedo de Cavaleiros
The city of Macedo de Cavaleiros offers a range of things to see and enjoy. The city has sights like:

Several 18th and 19th century elegant manor houses like those of Morais and Vale de Prados.

Admirable stone pillories like the ones of Chacim and of Lamas de Orelhão. Exciting churches such as the 17th-century temple of Vale Benfeito or the Mother Church at Macedo de Cavaleiros. Added to these are the stunning beauty of the Nature and that is what makes this town excellent tourist option.

Accommodations at Macedo de Cavaleiros
All sorts of accommodations are found in Macedo de Cavaleiros, however with the recent spurt in tourist activities it is wise to make a prior booking while visiting this rural gem of Portugal.

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