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Google Map of Leiria

Leiria is a legendary city in Portuguese Republic. It is blessed with magnificent coastline.
The location of Leiria is pretty convenient to get to. Standing at the midway of Proto and Lisbon, Leiria attracts innumerable tourists from different parts of the world.

Attractions in Leiria
The city of Leiria offers several opportunities of sightseeing. Santuário de Nossa Senhora da Encarnaçao is a popular historical site of Leiria. It offers a breathtaking view of the city's landscape. The specialty of Leiria Castelo lies in its unique architectural style. With its gracefully designed fortifications and interiors, the castle reminds the visitors of the city's glorious past.

The town of Fátima is a religious site and considered among the most widely visited attractions in Leiria. The spas and health centers of Monte Real are famous for their body therapies. The spa packages are highly recommended for those who are suffering from stomach and liver problems.

Other popular destinations in Leiria include:
  • Marinha Grande
  • Rio Caranquejeira
  • Batalha
  • Pombal
Leiria also offers many other amusement options like sea fishing, boat riding and hiking.

Accommodation in Leiria
Eurosol Hotel, Best Western Hotel D. Jo o III, Ramalhete Hotel and Ibis Leiria are some of the most popular lodging destinations in the city of Leiria.

Leiria is a land enchanted and hence despite remarkable technological and economic progress time here stands still or just maybe moves one reluctant step at a time. Leira was once the southern most outpost of the early Portuguese dynasties. The Romans called it Collipo and its castles were demolished and rebuilt 4 times. The ancient pine forests between the Atlantic and Leiria were planted to check the advancement of the sand dunes to the east and supply ship building material. With a population of little more than 50,000, it is a city poised to take a flying leap into a booming future on the new found wings of tourism.

Location of Leiria
Leiria is fantastically located within a few miles of the Atlantic Ocean and halfway between the two major cities of Porto and Lisbon.

Sightseeing in Leiria
Leiria is a city of historic importance and that is its main tourist draw. However the magnetism of the beach, the murmuring pine forests, the tinkling and babbling river Lis/Liz cannot be gainsaid at all. Castle of Leiria with its peculiar arched galleries are also a major attraction as are the various churches built at different periods in its history.

Accommodations at Leiria
Leiria accommodations are comparable to the best in the world and are offered in the full range of inexpensive bed and breakfast to opulent luxury of star accommodations.

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