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Google Map of Figueira Da Foz

Figueira da Foz is a Portuguese city. The name of the city has an interesting meaning. Figueira da Foz in Portugal is connected to other parts of the country through a well developed network of trains and bus ways.

Attractions in Figueira da Foz:
The largest beach of Portugal is found in Figueira da Foz. The beach extends to cover almost 3 kms, before the sea can be reached. The beach at Figueira da Foz is a heaven for water sport lovers. Particularly, the beach provides ideal conditions for surfing.

Several building bearing traces of eighteenth century and nineteenth century architecture can be chanced upon in Figueira da Foz. The Palace House is one of them. The site holds an assemblage of Delft titles that is simply the largest in the world. The Sotto Mayor Palace styled on the French designs is a popular place visited by tourists.

In Figueira da Foz town, the Dr. Santos Rocha Municipal Museum is a must visit for all the tourists as it exhibits the archaeological preserves of the town.

Another site of interest is the Fortress of Santa Catarina. Most importantly, it is the casino that have allured tourists from the later half of the nineteenth century.

Accommodation in Figueira da Foz:
Mercure Figueira da Foz 3m, Piantshop Hostel, Hotel Wellington, Hotel Costa De Prata and Hotel Ibis Da Figueira Da Foz are some of the good lodging options available in Figueira da Foz.

Figueira da Foz beach had hosted the World Surfing Championships held in the year 1996.

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