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Google Map of Fatima

Fatima Portugal is a city of Portugal, which is situated 142 km North of Lisbon.
The city is located in the district of Santarém. Fatima Portugal is a parish of municipality of Ourém.

History of Fatima Portugal
Fatima Portugal acquired its name from Fatima who was a local Moorish princess of the city. Fatima is a shrine dedicated to the Virgin Mary, which attracts numerous tourists around the world. It is a popular place for pilgrimage because between May and October of 1917 the apparitions of Lady of the Rosary was witnessed by to three shepherd children. The event was even witnessed by 70,000 people on the last day of apparition.

Attractions of Fatima Portugal
The Chief attraction of the city is Chapel of Apparitions. It commemorate the day of Apparition. There is a statue of Our Lady placed on a marble pillar. It is hugely popular destination of Portugal as each year four million pilgrims visited the place. The Recint located on the colonnade houses the statues of Portuguese Saints. Berlin Wall is the entrance of the Sanctuary and is a beautiful piece of the architecture. Ethnographic Museum is situated near Lucia's house is a famous museum of the region.

Accommodation in Fatima Portugal
there are several modern hotels in the city that offers contemporary amenities to ensure a comfortable stay of the pilgrims and tourists. One of the best accommodation option of Fatima Portugal is Estalagem Dom Gonçalo.

Fatima Portugal is the religious hub of Portugal.

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