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Google Map of Evora

Evora is a city of Portugal. Evora city is situated in Portugal's Alentejo province.
Alentejo province is located in the south of Portugal. Evora is the capital of Alentejo province.

History of Evora
Evora city of Portugal, which is the prime city and the capital of Alentejo province is located about 130Kms away from Lisbon. Evora has its population soared to 50,000 in recent times. It is a city of rich historical values. Its ancient walls and relics have acquired the UNESCO's world heritage status. History of Evora suggests that the city in ancient times was first under the reign of Visigoth. The Moors community also ruled the roost in the ancient Evora for a considerable period of time. The city was liberated from the Moors in 1166. Evora is famous for its ancient university.

Weather of Evora
Evora has a tradition of varied weather in different seasons. In the month of July and August, the average temperature hovers between 25.5 to 26.4 degree celsius. From January to March the average temperature persists between 12.8 to 7.9 degree celsius.

Transport of Evora City
Private cars, Buses and Trains are the key mode of transport in Evora city. Tourists keen to travel on cars may hire them at the airports of Avis and Hertz -the two main Airports in Portugal. Travel on bus to Evora city takes two hours, Train takes three hours, while travel on cars take little time from Airports to reach the city proper.

The region of Evora is a World Heritage Site of UNESCO. The innumerous beautifully preserved historical monuments located here are appreciated by the tourists and is considered as one of the most visited destinations in Portugal. All these historical evidences date from different historical age.

Location of Evora
Evora is located in the southern part of the country at 39° 30' N latitudes and 8° 00' W longitudes.

Tourist Destinations in Evora
The city is full of historical monuments and famous landmarks that belong to different periods of history.

Some of the most famous destinations of Evora are:
  • The Roman Temple of Diana is the most prominent attraction of Evora. A 10 ft high platform made of stone is the base of the temple. The temple is one of the best preserved Roman structure in Europe. It was built during the 2nd century.
  • There are several churches located across the city in all the regions. Santo Antao Church, Church of Sao Francisco and Graca Church are some popular churches in the city.
  • The cathedral towers are built in Roman as well as Gothic style is another popular tourist attraction in Evora.
  • The Sacred Art Museum and the City Museum display some of the outstanding historical evidences.
  • Porta da Moura Square is surrounded by architectures from the age of the Moors. At the centre of the square lay a typical sphere shaped mountain from the Renaissance period.

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