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Google Map of Esmoriz

Esmoriz is a newly developed city of Portugal. The city is a part of the Ovar municipality located nearly 25 km south of Oporto, the second largest city of Portugal.
In 1993 Esmoriz had been recognized as a fully developed city, until then it was considered as a small underdeveloped town. Esmoriz city is mostly built on a very modern and contemporary style leaving some of the areas still unaffected.

Sectors of Esmoriz
Urban, Forest and Beach, these are the three regions or areas the city is divided into. The urban area is mostly inhabited by people belonging to the middle class. Apartments are most common accommodation option to be found in this part of the city. The apartments are not very high raised, usually with three stories.

Places to see in Esmoriz
Several market places are located all over the city. Marijol markets are a popular market, which has several branches in many parts of the city. Book stores with huge collections are found in all the major streets.

Volleyball is large played in Esmoriz. Esmoriz Ginasio Clube, the local volleyball team owns and runs a local gymnasium, which serves as both health club and physiotherapy.

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