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Google Map of Elvas

Elvas is a city of Portugal located in between Portugal and Spain. The city is heavily bounded by moats, curtain walls, a gate shaped like star
and two fortresses on the border of Spain. Elvas is considered to be the most heavily fortified European towns till date. The Elvas city is sited among the fruit orchard. The beautiful and historically rich town is a popular tourist destination of Portugal. Several great hotels are located at the centre of the town that offering perfect tourist accommodation option.

Location of Elvas
Elvas is located at an altitude of 300m and at 38?53’ N longitudes and 7?10’ W latitudes. The town is situated 12km away from the border between Portugal and Spain on the highway connecting Madrid and Lisbon.

History of Elvas
The town of Elvas was originally established by the Romans after they took over the region from the Moors in the year 1229. Several attacks were made by intruders especially the Spanish invaders. Elvas has a historical significance in all the major battles that occurred between Portugal and Spain. The town served as an headquarters to the Duke of Wellington.

Tourist Attractions in Elvas
  • Amoreira Aqueduct is the most famous monument of Elvas located outside the city wall.
  • The Church of Nossa Senhora da Assuncao is located at the end of the Republic Square. It was built during the 16th century.
  • The castle is another major tourist attraction in Elvas. Built by the Moors, the castle overlooks the entire town.
The town of Elvas is full of several historical places and monuments. In the old town there are houses still bearing the Moorish architecture with window grills made of iron and beautiful archways. The Municipal Museum boasts of numerous local assets.

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