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Google Map of Coimbra

Coimbra city in Portugal has a rich historical background. The city is famous to its people for being the center of one of the oldest universities in the world. History of Coimbra city suggests that earlier the city was under the occupation of Moor Community.

It had come into existence after it was liberated from Moor occupation in 1064. It was the birth place of six Portugal Kings. The name Coimbra was derived from the nearby town Conimbriga. Earlier in the Roman era the city was called as Aemimium.

Location of Coimbra City
Coimbra city is located on the bank of the river Mondego. A large number of textile and pottery industries have come up in the city.

Transportation of Coimbra City
The key mode of transports in Coimbra city are bus, car and of course train. As regards to trains,the stations in the city have been divided into two categories. They are named as Coimbra Station A and Coimbra Station B. Coimbra station A is the main station and is entitled for trains of the region. Coimbra Station B is also the main station and is entitled for trains from outside the region. About 17 trains daily run between Lisbon and Coimbra.

As far as bus is concerned, about 16 buses ply between Lisbon and Coimbra and seven to twelve buses run between Coimbra and Porto daily.

Coimbra is one of the major tourist destinations in Portugal. Coimbra is famous for being the home to one of the world's first universities. It is one of the oldest and third important cities in the country. During the Roman era, Coimbra was considered as a very important Portuguese municipality. From 1139 to 1256, Coimbra was the capital of Portugal.

Location of Coimbra
Coimbra is located in central Portugal between Lisbon and Porto. Lisbon is located 195km south of Coimbra and Porto is located 120km north of Coimbra.

Tourist Attractions in Coimbra
Some of the major tourist attractions are:
  • The university is the major tourist attraction in Coimbra. It is one of the first universities in the whole world. Initially the university was situated in Lisbon and in 1290 was finally shifted to Coimbra and remained there since then.
  • The Church of Sao Tiago is another major tourist attraction in Coimbra. The 12th century church is located in downtown at the Comercio Square.
  • The Comercio Square is the centre of the city. Numerous shops and restaurants are located here.
  • The Santa Cruz Monastery, located near the square is also a popular tourist destination. The monastery was found in 11331. The Manga Gardens is situated behind the church.
  • The two cathedrals known as Old Cathedral and the New Cathedral are other important places visited by tourists.
  • Machado de Castro National Museum is worth visiting. It features the gorgeous palace of the former bishop.

There are several outstanding tourist accommodation options available throughout the city in all the region of Coimbra.

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