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Google Map of Castelo Branco

Castelo Branco is a city and a municipality of Portugal. There are 27.200 inhabitants in the city.

Attractions of Castelo Branco
The city is a famous tourist destinations as it flaunts a number of sightseeing places.

The architectural pattern of Jardim Episcopal imprints a distinctive impression on numerous tourists. It is situated adjacent to the palace of the Bishop. São Vicente de Beira, Alpedrinha and Castelo Novo are the mountain towns and nearby attractions of the place. Idanha-a-Velha is a village of Castelo Branco, which boasts of a rich historical background. This is the birthplace of Wamba who was a Visigoth King named. The modern museum of Castelo Branco houses the carved and inscribed Roman stones.

Accommodation at Castelo Branco
There are numerous accommodation options available in Castelo Branco. There are various lodges, apartments, Inn, hotels in the city that provide excellent boarding facilities. The hotels offers unparalleled hospitality services to the tourists. Some of the best known boarding options of Castelo Branco are Hotel Melia Confort Colina do Castelo and Hotel Best Western Rainha D. Amélia Castelo Branco.

Best Season to Visit Castelo Branco
The weather of Castelo Branco is usually sunny and hot. Though it faces occasional rain. The best time to visit Castelo Branco is the months of October and November.

Castelo Branco is the commercial and administrative hub of Beira Baixa.

Castelo Branco is a vibrant municipality area in Portuguese Republic. This inland region sprawls over an area of 1,440 square kilometers. Castelo Branco is blessed with endless natural treasure. The plateau of Castelo Branco is placed at an average height of 1266 feet above the sea level. The region of Castelo Branco is separated into 25 communes. The entire municipality area comes under the purview of the Beira Baxia province of Portugal.

Facts about Castelo Branco
This vibrant locality is home to around 54,070 natives. The people of Castelo Branco are friendly and accommodative. The soothing climatic conditions make it a preferred holiday destination amongst the vacationers. The average humidity of the region varies around 51 percent.

Colleges in Castelo Branco
The region of Castelo Branco houses some of the top-class educational institutions of Portugal. EB 2/3 Afonso de Paiva, centro fe formação proficional, escola eb 2/3 joão roiz, Escola Superior de Saude Dr Lopes Dias and instituto superior de humanidades e tecnologias ISTH are some of the premier colleges in Castelo Branco.

Other popular colleges of Castelo Branco include:
  • EB2/3 Cidade de Castelo Branco
  • Escola Superior de Artes Aplicadas
  • Escola Superior de Tecnologias de Castelo Branco
  • escola secundaria amato lusitano

Castelo Branco has a lot to charm the visitors.

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