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Google Map of Cascais

Cascais is a fascinating destination in the Portuguese Republic. This once fishing village is today's most dynamic municipality in the territory of Portugal.
The silky soft beaches of Cascais are ideal to unwind. The city of Cascais stands in the vicinity of Lisbon, the Portuguese capital. It is mainly because of its convenient location and picturesque setup that this beach resort destination is so popular amongst the leisure travelers vacationing in Portugal.

Attractions in Cascais
Cascais in Portugal is home to some of the most widely visited sites in southwestern Europe. The exhibits of Grutus do Poço Velho belong to the Neolithic period. Museu do Mar depicts the rich cultural heritage of Cascais. The Palácio de Conde de Castro Guimarães is a must visit destinations in Cascais. It features a huge collection of rare books and antique items. Boca do Inferno is a fabulous beach recess in Cascais. With its undulating landscape and natural caves, Boca do Inferno is a paradise for all natural lovers.

The coastal area of Cascais provides an ideal base for windsurfing and many other water sports. The shopping destinations in Cascais are shoppers' delight.

Accommodation in Cascais
Cascais offers top-class to all tourists holidaying in this beach resort. Hotel Albatroz, Estalagem Do Forte Muchaxo, Vila Gale Village Cascais, Fortaleza Do Guincho and Hotel Baia are some of the most popular hotels in Cascais.

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