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Google Map of Braganza

The capital city of the Braganca District is known as Braganza.
The city and district both were named after the Royal House of Braganza that reign the district for an extensive period from 1640 to 1910. Braganza city is one of the most beautiful cities located in the northern part of Portugal. There are several historical places and monuments located throughout the region.

Location of Braganza
Braganza is located on the hill top at an altitude of 660mts on the Nogueira mountain range in north Portugal. The city is situated 176 km northeast of Porto, the second largest city of Portugal. At the northern end of Braganza the Montesino national park is situated. It covers nearly 75,000 hectares of area.

History of Braganza
The large city was mostly dominated by the Romans. In 1442 Alfonso became the duke of Braganza. Since 1640 the royal house of the Braganza ruled over the district until Portugal became independent in 1910. The city was named after this royal house of Braganza.

Climate of Braganza
A combination of Mediterranean and Atlantic climate is observed in Braganza. Due to its hill top location the climatic condition of the city stays quite pleasant throughout the year. Rain is a very common feature of Braganza climate. Heavy snowfall occurs during January and February.

Oak, pine and chestnuts are the common vegetation that grows throughout the land of Braganza.

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