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Google Map of Alcacer Do Sal

Alcacer do Sal is an ancient city of Portugal. The city is very small in size but has historical significance attached to it.
Alcacer do Sal means the castle of salt. The city has been named after the widespread salt that lies on the bank of the Rio Sado where the city is located.

Location of Alcacer do Sal
The longitudes and latitudes of the Alcacer do Sal city is 38°22' N and 8°30 W and it lies at an altitude of 100 ft. Alcacer do Sal is located on the river bank of Rio Sado on its right side in the Setubal district. It is situated at the centre of the district in the south of the Setubal city.

History of Alcacer do Sal
The ancient city was ruled by the Romans during the medieval period. Salt and corn were the main products for trading, which was one of the major sources of income. The huge amount of salt had been retrieved from the riverside. The marshland on the river bank is an ideal place for growing crop. The city made its fortune with the help of these trades.

Places of Interest in Alcacer do Sal
Some of the popular tourist attractions are:
  • The city's main attraction is the 6th century castle located on the top of the hill. The castle was inhabited by the Romans and later by the Moors.
  • The archeological museum is set up within the Holy Spirit Church from ancient days. It is a very popular tourist attraction in the city.
  • The Church of Our Lady of Martyrs, situated outside the town was built during the 13th century.
There are several remarkable ancient Roman ruins located throughout the city including fascinating castle and several churches. These ancient monuments testify the prosperity of the Alcacer do Sal city during the Roman era.

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