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Facts about Philippines

Quick Facts

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What is the full name of the Philippines ?
Republic of the Philippines (Republika ng Pilipinas)

What is the capital of the Philippines ?

Where is the Philippines located ?
Southeast Asia in the western Pacific Ocean

What countries border the Philippines ?
The Philippines shares no land boundaries, but Taiwan, Vietnam, Borneo, Indonesia are all located across seas from the Philippines

What is the area of the Philippines ?
300,000 square kilometers or 115,831 square miles

What is the population of the Philippines ?
Around 100,000,000

How many islands make up the Philippine archipelago ?

How is the Philippines divided ?
There are three main geographic groups of islands: Luzon, Visayas, Mindano

There are 17 Regions and 80 provinces in the Philippines Regions and Regional Centers

  • Ilocos Region – San Fernando, La Union
  • Cagayan Valley – Tuguegaro, Cagayan
  • Central Luzon – San Fernando, Pampanga
  • Calabarzon – Calamba, Laguna
  • Mimaropa – Calpan, Oriental Mindora
  • Bicol Region – Legazpi, Albay
  • Western Visayas – Iloilo City
  • Central Visayas – Cebu City
  • Eastern Visayas – Tacloban
  • Zamboanga Peninsula – Zamboanga City
  • Northern Mindanao – Cagayan de Oro
  • Davao Region – Davao City
  • Soccsksargen – Korondal, South Cotabato
  • Caraga – Butuan
  • Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao – Cotabato City
  • Cordillera Administrative Region – Baguio
  • National Capital Region – Manila

What is the currency of the Philippines ?
Philippine Peso (PHP)

When did the Philippines declare independence ?
The Philippines have declared independence from both Spain and the United States. Independence from Spain was declared on June 12, 1898. The Philippines declared independence from the United States on July 4, 1946.

When was the Philippines colonized by Spain ?
The Spanish explorer, Ferdinand Magellan came across the Philippines in 1512. Spain began developing permanent settlements in the Philippines starting with Cebu in 1565 and moving up to Manila on Luzon Island by 1571. The Spanish colonists unified the archipelago politically and began to convert the indigenous peoples to Christianity. They also brought schools and infrastructure. By 1896, the Philippine Revolution began against Spain. With the help of the United States, the First Philippine Republic declared independence from Spain.

Who were the major revolutionary figures of the Philippine Revolution ?
A secessionist group called the Katipunan was led by Andrés Bonifacio, who organized an attack on the capital (which failed) and Bonifacio was later executed.

Emilio Aguinaldo led a similar armed attacks soon after, eventually allying with the United States and declaring independence from Spain. Philippine independence was not recognized by Spain or the United States. Aguinaldo became the President of the First Philippine Republic in 1898.

How did the Philippines fall under United States rule ?
When the Philippines achieved independence from Spain in the 1898 Treaty of Paris, the United States took control. At that point, Filipinos had seen the United States as an ally, because the United States was at war with Spain in the Spanish-American War. With the Battle of Manila in 1899, fought between the United States and the Philippines, Aguinaldo declared the United States an enemy and declared war against them.

How long was the Philippine-American War ?
The war between the United States and the Philippines lasted about 3 years, from June 2, 1899 to July 4, 1902. The Filipino military were not as well-equipped, so the Americans won soon after Aguinaldo, the Filipino leader, was captured in 1901. The war ended when the United States agreed to establish the Philippine Commission and to extend the U.S. Bill of Rights to Filipinos. The Philippines then became a commonwealth of the United States.

When did the Japanese occupy the Philippines ?
Japan took control of the Philippines during World War II, from 1941 to 1945.

What is the official language of the Philippines ?
There are 2 official languages in the Philippines : Filipino and English

Recognized regional languages : Bikol, Cebuano, Hiligaynon, Ilokano, Pampango, Pangasinense, Tagalog, Waray
Recognized auxiliary languages : Arabic, Spanish

Are Filipino and Tagalog different languages ?
Not really. Most linguists differentiate language from a dialect by whether the two are mutually intelligible and whether they share the same grammar structure. Filipino and Tagalog are mutually intelligible and share grammar. Filipino was meant to be the standardized version of Tagalog, and is the national language of the Philippines. Calling the language “Filipino” was intended to disassociate the language with the Tagalog ethnic group. Filipino was also supposed to incorporate other indigenous language in the Philippines, but currently does not.

Colloquially, the language spoken in the Philippines is referred to as Tagalog.


Interesting facts about Philippines
Fact 1The Philippines has a population of more than 90 million people and an annual growth rate around 2%, making it one of the most populous and fastest growing countries on Earth.
Fact 2According to the customs and traditions in Philippines, it is not considered good manners to open gifts immediately when they are given.
Fact 3The original inhabitants, the Negrito, now number only about 30,000.
Fact 4The karaoke was invented in the Philippines and not Japan.
Fact 5The Philippines is made up of 7,107 islands, totaling about 300,000 sq. km. (117,187 sq. mi.)
Fact 6Philippines boasts of a coastline of 36,289 kilometers. However, it still ranks fifth in the world for having the longest coastline.
Fact 7Philippines is the only country in the world whose flag is hoisted upside down when the country is at war.
Fact 8On July 4, 1946, the Republic of the Philippines was established. The early governments struggled to repair the damage caused by World War II.
Fact 9The nation got its 'Philippines' name after King Philip II of Spain.
Fact 10Mount Apo, found on the island of Mindanao is the highest point in Philippines. The height of this mountain is 2,954 m.
Fact 11The yoyo was invented as a hunting weapon by the ancient Filipinos, probably in the Visayas.
Fact 12Philippines is known as the 'text capital of the world' because of the large number of texts sent to-and-fro by the people in one day.
Fact 13There are 175 individual languages in the Philippines, 171 of which are living languages while the 4 others no longer have any known speakers.
Fact 14The Philippines is home to the Rice Terraces in Northern Luzon, often called the 8th wonder of the world
Fact 15The Philippines has the highest rate of discovery of new animal species with 16 new species of mammals discovered just in the last 10 years.
Fact 16Of the top 10 largest shopping malls in the world, three are found in the Philippines: SM Megamall, SM North Edsa, and SM Mall of Asia.
Fact 17The Philippines is the world's largest exporter of coconuts and tropical fruits, such as papaya and mangosteen.r
Fact 18Christian names in the Philippines include Bing, Bong, Bambi, Bogie, Girlie, Peanut, and Bumbum
Fact 19Jellyfish Lake in the Philippines contains more than 13 million jellyfish
Fact 20The Philippines is the only majority Christian nation in Asia. Eighty percent of its population identifies as Roman Catholic.
Fact 21In many places of the Philippines rum is cheaper than juice. A bottle of beer costs less than a dollar.
Fact 22Philippine nurses are highly in demand due to their good medical education not only in the phils itself but through out the whole world, probably the most demanded nurses in the world. This fun fact also makes Philippines as a good retirement place.
Fact 23Filipinos are the 4th largest immigrant group in the U.S. After Mexican, China and India.
Fact 24Philippine females are called "Pinays" and the males are called "Pinoys" or Filipina and Filipino. Filipinas are considered to be the best wives in the world, due to their raising.
Fact 25Speaking of filipinas, two Filipino beauty contenders, Gloria Diaz and Margie Morgan won the title of Miss Universe in the beauty pageants in the years 1969 and 1973.
Fact 26SM Mega Mall in Mandalyuong (near Metro Manila) is the 3rd largest Mall in the World. In Quezon city is also the 4th largest mall in the world. (source)
Fact 27Do you remember the "yo-yo" toy? It was primarily made and used as a weapon for hunting by the traditional ancient filipinos.
Interesting Facts for kidsChildren's Games in Philippines :- Patintero, Agawan Base, TumbangPreso

Last Updated : May 05, 2016

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