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What Happened on July 6

  • July 6, 1535 CE – The Death of Sir Thomas More

    Three years after resigning his position as Chancellor to King Henry VIII due to the growing conflict between the monarchy and the Pope, Sir Thomas More was executed for treason on July 6, 1535.  The prolific philospher and devout Catholic had defied the irascible Henry in the quest to annul the royal marriage to Queen Catherine, siding… Read More →

July 6 - List of Other Events in the world
1189 On this day, Richard I "the Lionheart" acceded to the throne of England.
1253 Mindaugas becomes King of Lithuania.
1483 Richard III became King of England.
1535 Sir Thomas More was executed on charges of treason against King Henry VIII of England.
1560 Scotland and England signed the Treaty of Edinburgh.
1573 Jerónimo Luis de Cabrera founded Córdoba, Argentina.
1809 On the second day of the Battle of Wagram, France defeated the Austrian army.
1854 The United States Republican Party held its first convention in Jackson, Michigan.
1865 The Nation published its first issue.
1892 On this day, Dadabhai Naoroji was elected as the first Indian Member of Parliament in Britain.
1939 Holocaust: on this day, the last remaining Jewish businesses in Germany were shut down.
1942 Anne Frank and her family went into hiding.
1944 Approximately 168 people were killed and another 700 injured in the Hartford circus fire in Hartford, Connecticut.
1947 The AK-47 went into production in the Soviet Union.
1957 Althea Gibson became the first black athlete to win the Wimbledon championships.
1964 Malawi declared its independence from the United Kingdom on this day.
1966 On this day, Malawi became a republic.
1975 The Comoros declared independence from France.
1990 Electronic Frontier Foundation was founded on this day.
1995 More than 8,000 Bosniaks were killed when under the command of General Ratko Mladi?, Serbia started its attack on the Bosnian town of Srebrenica.
2006 The Nathu La pass between India and China reopened for trade after 44 years. The pass was sealed during the Sino-Indian War of 1962.
2013 Shooting at a school in Yobe State, Nigeria, claimed 42 lives.
2013 Of the 307 people onboard the Boeing 777 operating as Asiana Airlines Flight 214, three were killed and 181 injured when it crashed at the San Francisco International Airport.
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