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The Delightful Dichotomy of South Africa
Celebrating Nature in South Africa
South Africa - the name conjures images of green vegetation, rich exotic cultures, colonial legacy, legends of gold and diamond mines, and an incredible variety of wildlife. While all this is true, South Africa has also struck the perfect balance between celebrating its natural bounty and promoting its growing industry. As part of the BRICS, the nation has opened up the doors of traditional tourism to business travelers and traders as well. With its many festivals and adventure options, South Africa is now among the top places where people from across the world blend business interests and memorable vacations.
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Major Cities in South Africa
South Africa is as beautiful as culturally rich. It is also a burgeoning trade and industry hub as part of the BRICS. South Africa's allure is way beyond its cities - it is in the free spirit of the nation.

The largest city of South Africa, Johannesburg is also a chic urban hub with a glitzy cultural life.

Cape Town

Possibly the most popular tourist destination in the continent, Cape Town is also a beautiful city with colonial architecture and beautiful views.

Port Elizabeth

Often called the 'Friendly City', Port Elizabeth is one of the most important ports in the city and a tourist friendly destination.


The beautiful beaches of Durban and the balmy climate make the city the ideal city for vacationers and globetrotters - a global city.


Lined with rows of Jacaranda trees, Pretoria is a pretty sight. This cozy city in South Africa is as friendly as it is beautiful.


The beauty of Bloemfontein is evident from the meaning of the name - Fountain of Flowers. A must-visit for a green South-Africa experience.

South Africa Travel Tips
The nationals of a number of countries do not require a visa for a stay of less than 30 days. Check if your country is featured among these.
If you intend to drive in South Africa do familiarize yourself with the country's unusual signage system. Practice left-hand driving.
Caravan parks and outdoor homes are very popular in South Africa and are a great but inexpensive way to see the country.
Poaching and hunting is restricted in many parts of the country as part of their conservation exercises. Do read up the regulations before you shoot.
At restaurants and entertainment centers adding a 10% tip to the bill is considered the norm.
When to Visit South Africa
The best time to visit South Africa is definitely between December and April, although the country is pleasantly warm round the year. February to May, mid-September to mid-November bring discounted airfares and accommodation tariffs. Mid-December to mid-January does get rather crowded and June is not a great time to visit the country.
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The Table Mountain in Cape Town is one of the oldest mountains in the world. It is also called one of the Earth's main energy centers and radiates magnetic and electric energy.
South Africa's wine route is the longest in the world. South African wine is exclusively served by Walt Disney at the Animal Kingdom Lodge in the United States.
The Palace of the Lost City in South Africa is the world's largest theme resort hotel. It is built in the midst of 25 hectare manmade jungle with planted with 2 million plants, trees, and shrubs.
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