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Newsletter November, 2007
Dear Friends,

Maps of World announces the launch of a range of new products continuing its tradition of providing its users with more substance, value and effectiveness. We'll now give you more reasons to be glued to our pages and derive the most from the valuable time spent with us. Therefore, erudite scholars and savant researchers, potential tourists and inquisitive students, watch out for the new additions on MapsofWorld.com !
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Same Place Different Locations
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Same Place Different Locations
Same Place Different Locations Maps of World brings to you a unique tool to let you explore the globe and enrich your knowledge. It covers places across the globe, which have the same name but are located in the different parts of the world.


Projection Maps
Projection Maps
Projection Maps
Projection Maps
See World map in different projections like Mercator Projections, Aitoff Projections, Eckert V Projections, Robinson Projections,
Miller Projections, and more

Coming Soon! (Watch out for these in the coming days)
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