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 www.mapsofworld.com Newsletter, Jan 2006   
As January- the crown jewel of the brand new year sets in, new goals, vision and priorities are initiated for a fulfilling journey ahead, and to assist you in your endeavors are the qualitative services from our map portals- MapsofWorld.com, PrintableMapStore.com and WorldMapStore.com .We welcome you to the edition of year's first newsletter.
European Political Map
Map on World Economic Classification
Maps on International Groupings
Europe one of the seven continents of the world comprising of key politico-economic countries of world is bounded to the north by the Arctic Ocean, and to the south by the Mediterranean Sea. The map shows the political boundaries of the European countries like United Kingdom, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Italy, etc with their respective capitals. The water bodies like various oceans, seas and islands are also illustrated.
The map classifies the world countries on the basis of income per capita. The countries with high-income, upper middle income, lower middle income, and low middle income are illustrated with distinct color scheme. Besides this, a regional list featuring the income category of the various countries, which form a part of a given region is also provided.
The section consists of maps on international groupings; NATO member countries, EU member countries, Commonwealth member countries, OPEC member countries, SAARC member countries, EFTA member countries, OECD member countries and APEC member countries. These maps are useful for the analysts and others interested in understanding the affiliations and equations of the countries.
Lonely Planet: Dubai
Street smart and stylish travel guidebook covers Dubai-- the cosmopolitan city extensively. The city's sophisticated culture and attractions- souqs, malls, shopping centers and architectural wonders plus information on city's burgeoning culinary scene is sure to make your trip a worthy experience.
Paris Map: Berndtson & Berndtson
This laminated folded map of the city of Paris covers places of interest in Paris and includes detailed inset maps of the center of Paris, the location of Paris in France and the location of France in Europe. It also displays metro railway routes within Paris, the average temperature, humidity and rainfall statistics around the year.
Maps of India (MOI) CD
The largest encyclopedia of India centric maps consists of over 4000 map images of India, its States, Union Territories, and districts in varied thematic categories. Packed with utility tools it is helpful for reference and planning purposes.
Hong Kong Guidebook
The compact and detailed bilingual guidebook of Hong Kong is packed with maps and offers information on the street plans of towns, NT West, Lantau, & Outlying islands, public transport facilities, leisure facilities, public facilities & services, schools & public libraries, streets etc
Buy set of three maps and a travel guidebook and save US $ 19- US $ 93

The set of three Gizi maps and a travel book consists of Beijing Traffic Map, Tibet Road Map, Road Map of Central Asia and Hong Kong Guide Book 2005.

Each map is folded and illustrates the major roads, highways, routes, landmarks, places of interest, and is provided with a legend list to make their understanding easier for the users. The Hong Kong Guide Book is compact yet detailed guidebook packed with maps and pertinent information on the city.

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Theses map images can be ordered in print resolutions of 72 to 300 DPI and are extremely useful for publishing and advertising, presentations, project reports, brochures, broadcasting purposes etc.
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