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Washington DC
Washington DC A region on the banks of Potomac River, and founded exclusively to seat the federal government. Embassies of all countries, offices of all national organizations, and a vibe of national and international politics characterize the city. The sobriety of USA's capital city is also visible in the national art collections, meaningful historical artifacts and the nation's most sacred monuments preserved throughout the region.
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New York City One of the most influential cities on earth and the most populated city of the United States. Different worlds unravel as you go from one neighborhood to another. New York City is the nerve center of finance (Wallstreet), performing arts (Broadway), civil rights (Statue of Liberty) and everything that modern life warrants. Cultural identities are often imagined - anyone can become a New Yorker when s/he begins to think s/he has enough of it all.
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New York City
Las Vegas
Las Vegas No one has to invite you to Las Vegas, your impulses will take you there. Entertainment, if not hedonism, is the buzz word in this "city without clocks." Bellagio, one of the most expensive hotels ever built, is located in this city. If you're tired of the glitter in casinos and hotels, take a stroll outside the Strip, where the city is just as ordinary.
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San Francisco The peninsular nature of the city offers a lot to the tourists, for instance, whale-watching excursions, boat tours, seal-watching spots on the coast and natural amphitheatres, to mention a few. Though the woes of modern cities have slowly begun to conquer San Francisco, the city still broods on the tranquil spirit that it enjoyed in yesteryears.
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San Francisco
Chicago As one meanders through the growth history of this city, located near to the southern tip of Lake Michigan, one realizes that its air of braggadacio is absolutely justifiable. Chicago, the third largest city of US, presents natural scenery, museums with art collections and an ethnically diverse populace to the tourists. Get more close to nature at Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, Lincoln Park Zoo or at the Brookfield Zoo, or head on to Navy Pier and Millennium Park for lakefront recreations.
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Florida Parks, national monuments and art & theater centers are rife in Florida. The state boasts of Walt Disney World near Orlando, Busch Gardens in Tampa featuring hundreds of African animals in open environment and Everglades National Park, among others. Besides the numerous festivals the state hosts every year, sports events like jai alai and annual collegiate football games at Orange Bowl also attract hordes of tourists to the state.
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Beijing Nearly all buildings in the city have national historic importance. Beijing has played an important role in shaping the nation's political and cultural identity for nearly eight centuries. Great Wall, an outlying attraction, provides a spectacular view from certain vantage points of the city. The archeological site at Zhoukoudian and the tombs of Ming emperors in the suburbs can be included in your itinerary along with the cultural and historical attractions in Beijing proper. Above all, tourists will not find it difficult moving around, thanks to the infrastructural development the city has witnessed in the run-up to 2008 Olympics.
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