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Explore the World in Flags
Exploring the flags of the world has a joy of its own: More than a colorful piece of cloth, a country's flag is symbolic of its deepest values, trials, and aspirations. To the observant, it has an interesting, important story to tell. This week, we present flags from the various continents of the world. Let's learn from them.
North America
From the highly sophisticated Mayans to the Spanish explorers, North America has held the center stage of world events. What more can the flags tell us?
Canada USA Mexico
From the ruins of Machu Picchu, the arrival of European seafarers, to the long and terrible Cold War, South America has a lot for the interested. Follow the flags.
Argentina Peru Brazil
Europe might be among the smallest continents, but remains the most visited. The eventful culture and history have a lot on offer, after all. Explore this beautiful continent in flags.
Greece Italy UK
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Spanning more than one-fifth of the world's land area, Africa has always fascinated lovers of adventure and mystery. The recent history has been harsh, and there are many events the continent would like to forget.
Kenya Egypt Nigeria
Asia, the largest continent in the world, is not the most prosperous. It has been a playground of international politics and emerging economies. Learn more from the flags.
China India Russia
The smallest continent of the world is tucked away peacefully in the southern hemisphere. The largest country in Oceania, Australia was tested to the hilt in the two World Wars.
Australia Fiji New Zealand
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