Newsletter April 29, 2011
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Queen's Day Amsterdam
Queen's Day, Amsterdam
It's a full day and night of unrestrained fun and celebration, attracting a whopping 700,000 visitors each year. As the month of April approaches the end, the whole city gets drenched in color orange and crowded beyond belief. But then, that is precisely where the charm of Queen's Day lies. If you've not been to Amsterdam on Queen's Day, you don't know what celebration is!

Sing and dance all day and night; get to trade in the free-market (make it a point to get the better deal!); row about the canals of Amsterdam; drink all that you want (but do not carry more than a single bottle at a time!) - push the limits beyond the limit. . .After all, it's Amsterdam, and it's Queen's Day.
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Travel to Nigeria
The most populated country in Africa, Nigeria has a rich culture. Though not a developed nation, it holds a special place for those who love exploring indigenous cultures.
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ravel to Nigeria
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