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The Cradle of Civilization or
The Least-developed Continent?
The oldest and most mysterious civilizations spawned here. Even today, Africa is paradise for adventure-lovers and researchers alike. It is home to innumerable ethnic cultures and tribes, large and small, for whom life is all about carrying the traditions and mores forward. But this continent is also among the least-developed places in the world.

This week, we present three of the African countries that saw massive problems in the recent past.
Map of Rwanda Map of Somalia Map of Zimbabwe
Map of Rwanda Map of Somalia Map of Zimbabwe
Rwanda was inhabited during the end of the last Ice Age. The 1994 genocide was an event the country would like to forget quickly. Once an important center of commerce, the only anarchy in the world has been impaled by violence and poverty, with no hope for future. Zimbabwe was once a thriving community, but has been smothered by the hyperinflation that infested the country 2003 onward.
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Events in Focus
Samoan Independence Day Festa della Repubblica, Italy
Samoan Independence Day Festa della Repubblica, Italy
On June 1, 1962, Samoa achieved independence from New Zealand. The Samoan independence day is celebrated to mark the occasion. Italy became a republic on June 2, 1946, by establishing the foundational legislature, along with the right to vote.
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