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The world certainly has more personal computers than anyone could have dreamed of. But what is the standing among world countries when it comes to total number of users? This week we answer this question and bring to you the top ten.
With a staggering 223,810,000 computer users, USA tops the list. The country is the largest economy in the world after EU, and is also a major market for all kinds of electronics.

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No surprise that Japan is next in at number 2. This country has been at the vanguard of the digital revloution, and has always impressed the world. The total PC users here are 69,200,000.

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Next is China, a country that has focused on becoming a leading exporting nation of the world. The total number of users are estimated at 52,990,000. Given the potential, China could well shoot to the top position soon.

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Germany stands strong at number 4, with an estimated 45,000,000 computer users. It is among the most developed economies of Europe, and is known for its engineering excellence.

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United Kingdom is next on the list, with 35,890,000 computer users and growing. It is a developed economy, and access to the internet and latest devices is easy.

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And the next five? Click here for the full list and map.
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