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Mad About Madagascar
Walk through a tropical paradise
Not for nothing does Madagascar form the stuff of children's fantasies - breathtaking verdant landscapes, unique animals and plants not likely to be found elsewhere and a rich colorful history go into making Madagascar the country it is. In the heart of the Indian Ocean, Madagascar is home to an indigenous culture that fascinates the rest of the world. The natural beauty and tropical climate make for an excellent getaway.
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Places to Visit in Madagascar
Madagascar's attraction lies in its natural beauty – it is a country rich in flora and fauna. Years of French colonial rule have led to the development of beautiful structures. The cities are quaint and laidback, the natives warm and hospitable.
Nosy Be

The Nosy Be Island; located off the northwest Madagascar coast, is also the country's largest and busiest tourist resort.


Antananarivo is the capital and largest city in Madagascar. It is a beautiful colonial city and the administrative seat of the country.


Toamasina, one of the major seaports of Madagascar is a quaint, green city on the eastern coast of the country.


Antsirabe is a provincial town in Madagascar known for its beautiful architecture and cool climate.


Fianarantsoa, in south central Madagascar is the cultural and intellectual capital of the country.


Mahajanga is the capital of the Boeny region. It is another important seaport and tourist attraction in Madagascar.

When To Visit Madagascar
Best Time to Visit:
May to October
Best Weather:
July to November
Affordable Prices:
April to June, December
Most Crowded:
July and August
Avoid Visit:
January to March
Madagascar Travel Tips
Do not miss out on wildlife tours when in Madagascar. The ring tailed lemurs are special attractions here.
Beware of pickpockets in the crowded parts of Madagascar. Keep multiple copies of all your important documents.
Most countries require tourists to Madagascar to be inoculated. Check with your embassy and physician.
The locals observe a number of ‘fady' or prohibitions. Read up on the culture before you get to Madagascar.
Madagascar has been threatened with civil regularly. Check with your embassy before making travel plans.
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Madagascar is the world's fourth biggest island following Greenland, New Guinea and Borneo.
Madagascar is known for its unique flora and fauna which exist nowhere else on earth.
The Malagasy worship their dead and ritually open the tombs to pray to their ancestors.
The main exports of Madagascar include Vanilla, cloves, coffee, and seafood.
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