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A Mexican Saga
Mexico – Exploring A Magical Land
Mexico has a history that goes back over 1500 years. The swarming green paradise is also endowed with some of the most luxuriant Pacific beach cities and some spectacular wildlife. From the urban splendors of Mexico City to Nature's splendid views in Baja California, be prepared to be indulged like never before. A word of caution, though – Mexico is not for the faint-hearted. From adventure sports to Aztec temples, from mythology to cuisine and culture, Mexico will seep in and take over your soul.
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Places to Visit in Mexico
Mexico is much more than eco-tourism or an adventure vacation. The country preserves its ancient and rich legacy well and delights travelers with its urban facilities. The country is the perfect blend of beauty and culture.
Mexico City

The federal district of Mexico City is the capital of Mexico. This beautiful, culturally rich city is also an alpha global city.

Templo Mayor

Part of the Historic Center of Mexico City, the Templo Mayo is an Aztec temple and a UNESCO World Heritage site in Mexico City.

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza is an archaeological site built by the Maya civilization of Mexico in 750 to 1200 AD. Chichen Itza is in the Yucatan region of Mexico, not far from the town of Piste.

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a seaside balneario resort on the Pacific Ocean's Bahía de Banderas coast. It is a popular tourist destination.

Ciudad Juarez

Ciudad Juarez, also called Paso del Norte is a growing industrial hub despite the city's internal unrest.


The historic city of Puebla has many archeological sites and monuments that preserve the rich legacy of the state.

When To Visit Mexico
Best Time to Visit:
December to May
Best Weather:
March to May
Affordable Prices:
May, October and November
Most Crowded:
March to May
Avoid Visit:
Mexico Travel Tips
Tourists, especially women, may wish to avoid going out very late at night as the crime rates in Mexico are rather high.
Avoid hailing a passing cab. Ask your hotel to hail you a cab as hotels tend to keep note of the cab number and driver's name.
Keep copies of your tickets, passports, and other important documents when in Mexico. Tourists are often targeted by thieves and it helps to have a copy.
Beware of pickpockets when in Mexico. Pickpockets are especially active in crowded areas and tourist centers.
It is wise not to accept food or drinks from strangers in the country. This is not part of common etiquette.
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Apart from Spanish, Mexico recognizes 68 distinct indigenous Amerindian languages as national languages. Spanish is spoken by 97% population.
Mexico has more than 200,000 different animal species living in the country and has more reptile species than any other country in the world.
Over-extraction of ground water is causing Mexico City to sink below the historic lake floor by 5 - 10 inches each year.
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