Newsletter March 18, 2011
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Battling a National Crisis
The 2011 earthquake has rattled Japan. There's been a huge loss of life and property, and now a radiation leak is threatening the region around the Fukushima Daiichi power plant. The strongest earthquake in over 100 years has resulted in a national crisis for Japan.
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Earthquake in Japan 2011 Where is Japan in World Major Areas under Tsunami Threat
History of Earthquakes in Japan

The island-group known as Japan lies in an area where the tectonic plates of several continents meet. This is why there have been many earthquakes in Japan's history, both mild and severe. Here's a selection of the major ones that caused much destruction.

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From time to time, earthquakes have interrupted life and spelled doom on the Earth's surface. Explore the past earthquakes of the world in this map and see how much damage they caused.

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Why Do Earthquakes and Tsunamis Occur?
Learn why earthquakes occur, and what their relation to tsunamis is.
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Richter scale
richter-scale What is Richter scale and how does it measure earthquakes?
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Facts on Japan's 2011 Earthquake Facts on Japan's 2011 Earthquake
Over 13,000 people are feared dead in the aftermath of this calamity.
It was the worst earthquake in over 100 years in the history of Japan.
The quake triggered tsunami waves 30-foot-high, which wiped off the coastal areas.
Japan has 55 nuclear reactors. The damaged reactor at Fukushima Daiichi is thus a major concern.
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