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The world population is growing fast, with more and more people gravitating toward cities that offer a better standard of living and earning opportunities. Here are the top-ten cities of the world, arranged by population.
The largest metropolis and capital of Japan tops the list, with a staggering population of over 37 million and counting. Add to that a world-class infrastructure.

Mexico City
At number 2 is the very important financial center of North America - Mexico City. With a population of over 23.6 million, the place is teeming with people and opportunities.

Explore Mexico City:
New York City
The vibrant New York City, with a populaiton of over 23 million, is at number 3. From world-famous landmarks to imposing business centers, you find everything here.

Explore New York City:
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At number 4 is Seoul, the thriving capital and largest city of South Korea, with a population of well over 22 million. The city dazzles you - at night and in daytime.

Explore Seoul:
The number 5 spot goes to Mumbai, the heart of financial services in India. The city is known for its fast life and conflicting contrasts, which all serves to mesmerize.

Explore Mumbai:
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