News Letter April 15, 2011
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Nigeria: A Country of Contrasts
Nigeria is an African country sharing borders with Benin, Chad, Cameroon, and Niger. For too long a time, the country suffered the oppressive military rule which hindered much of the progress. However, after democracy was established and reforms introduced into the economy, it has emerged as a progressive economy with much promise

But that does not mean all is rosy – a lot still needs to be done in education. Also, Nigeria remains torn by ethnic conflicts, a natural outcome of its mixed heritage.
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Nigerian Presidential Elections
The presidential elections in Nigeria are scheduled next. It remains to be seen if Goodluck Jonathan, the Christian southerner who was called in to maintain the government after the untimely death of late President Yar'Adua, can maintain his lead and win the election.
But if perception matters, it is not going to be an easy deal for him. During his tenure, Jonathan has been battling ill health, and has come to be seen as a less-than-satisfactory leader.
Dire allegations, for sure. Good luck, Jonathan!
Nigerian Presidential Candidates President of Nigeria
Parliament Election
The parliament elections have started. And as feared, there was violence and bombings, but only minimal. So far, the enthusiasm of Nigerians is infectious: large voter-turnouts that the country can be proud of. There are problems, though, as the EU observers have pointed out.
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