Newsletter March 11, 2011
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The heat is still on !
Libya continues to scorch under the conflict between government and opposition forces. Gaddafi has refused to step down, and is carrying out a major crackdown on the protestors.
Find out more about this Middle East country.
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Education in Libya

For an African country, Libya has a very high literacy rate more than 86%! The majority of government spending is also on education, which explains the rapid increase of many learning avenues. Learn about the situation of education in Libya, and the famous universities and institutes there.

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Libya's is the only flag in the world which has just one color. This green-color flag was adopted in 1977 and was designed by the well-known leader Muammar Gaddafi. Green, the color of Islam, is also the national color of Libya.
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Libya is the fourth largest country in Africa. Because of the low population and large oil reserves, it has high per capita GDP, as compared to other African countries.
Basic education in Libya is free for all citizens; also, education till secondary-level is compulsory.
Arabic is the most widely spoken language, and is also the official language.
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