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Exploring the Caribbean Islands
Also known as the West Indies, because Christopher Columbus in 1492 mistook them for the Indies in Asia, the Caribbean Islands consist of more than 7,000 islands. Of these, 13 are independent countries. Here's a look at three of the popular ones.
Cuba Jamaica Bahamas
Cuba Jamaica Bahamas
Still niggling under the pressure of US sanctions, Cuba remains the most populous island nation in the Caribbean. Jamaica is a country of economic contrasts and extremes, despite being a popular tourist destination. One of the most-coveted tourist destinations, the Bahamas economy runs mostly on tourism.
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National Days
Sweden flag Portugal flag
Sweden National Day Portugal National Day
The 6th of June every year is celebrated in Sweden in the honor of King Gustav Vasa, who was elected the king in 1523. Portugal Day is celebrated on the 10th of June every year, in the memory of the national poet Luis de Camoes in 1580.
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